Immaculate Failures.

Pollen froth. That’s your new band name, you’re welcome. (at Smith College Gym)
Skab Tapes 005. Nasa Arab, “Terminal Systems.” Recycled tapes with recycled art covers. Edition of 20. MS20 experiments. With some accidental techno moments.
Skab Tapes 003, Useless Little, “White Trash Pillow Talk” recycled tapes with recycled art covers. Edition of 20. @wishforskin @belltonesuicide collab. Weird harsh noise.
Skab tapes 002, Vapor Attack “Dooley’s Mantra” c90 edition of 26. Want one?
Got a pile of crappy paintings? Make tape covers! Skab Tapes 001, edition of 12. Straight to tape rhythmic synth gurgle and spurt. A run through of patches for tomorrow’s gig at the Warterfront in Holyoke. I’m doing a duo with Tom Cream, and sharing the bill with Thumbknuckle. Guaranteed to bum out their regular crowd.

In derpy moments.

This guy made some bad decisions.